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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I'm really excited to share with you guys a new life-changing skin care I have discovered!!! (You have to forgive the many exclamation points you'll see throughout this post. I'm just so excited!) I've recently gotten these Wild Product serums to try! I've never heard of Wild Products before and not gonna lie, they seemed a little gimmicky to me at first when I saw them on the Luxola website. 

They are a Singapore-based natural body care brand that don't test on animals. You can read more about this brand here! I can't believe I've never heard of them before, considering how small Singapore is (just a wee dot on the map).

The two serums I got are the Vitamin C Ester and Rosehip & Hibiscus. The two are packaged differently, with the Vitamin C in a glass bottle with metal pump and the Rosehip in a simple plastic one. Both have the same pretty labels with the whole list of ingredients and product description, as seen below. 

I did a little pump-and-spread for each so the texture of the serums can be seen. 

Vitamin C Ester Facial Serum

The Vitamin C one is slightly creamier in texture compared to the Rosehip one, which was a bit like water. It claims to 'deliver a high concentration of anti-oxidants and vitamins with added moisturising properties from natural oils of rosehip and coconut' and 'encourages collagen production, brightens and softens the skin and reduces dark spots'. 

Active Ingredients:
- Vitamin C Esters
- Vitamin E
- Willow Bark
- Rosehip Oil
- Organic Berry Extracts

I definitely agree with its' brightening and dark-spot-reducing claims! Within a month of using this daily, I've only gone down about a fifth of the bottle and my scars and pigmentation have lightened significantly! Now I can even get away with just pressed powder without concealer! This has honestly never happened before as I've had acne for a good half of my life!!! *hyperventilates with excitement* 

Rosehip & Hibiscus Facial Serum

The rosehip serum claims to be "packed with easily-absorbed and naturally rejuvenating nutrients to enhance radiance and counteract the effects of aging" and also "reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines & restores moisture balance whilst Hibiscus has antioxidant properties and balances the skins delicate pH. This serum is packed with natural skin-firming & rejuvenating nutrients to enhance radiance and counteract the effects of ageing."

Active Ingredients:
- Rosehip Oil
- Hibiscus Extract
- Vitamins A, B, C and E

Honestly, the rosehip serum didn't agree with me all that well. It stung when applied to my freshly exfoliated and toned skin. BUT (there's a big but!), it moisturises well! I know I know, contradicting much? Well, allow me to explain. I have redness around my nose and it itches ever so often, so when I applied it to those areas, it stung, but only for a while. It got rid of the terrible itch and didn't act up for one or two days! The stinging isn't terrible or unbearable and goes away after a few moments! 

I gave this to my mum because I personally don't like products that sting, even the tiniest bit, and she's gotten good results! It doesn't sting her (very sensitive and dry) skin, and apparently cleared up her dry patches! 

Oh, did I mention that both of these smell absolutely lovely? (; 

Despite the different textures, both serums spread easily and absorbed almost immediately into the skin. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with these serums as they really work for me and has been a total game-changer! They are also pocket-friendly and are good to start with if you would like to dip your toes into using serums for the first time, like I am!  x

What do you think of natural products? Do they work for you? What are some serums you recommend? (: 

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  1. Oh they look and sound really lovely.. I love Natural products xx


  2. Never heard of this brand before but both look amazing. I like the idea that it's not test on animal :)
    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

    1. I completely agree! Thanks for reading! x




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