M.A.C Paint Pot in Vintage Selection and Bare Study

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I've been on a M.A.C craze recently, buying lipsticks and paint pots willy nilly. One of my new favourites is the paint pot in Vintage Selection. It is a described as a dirty frosted peach on the website but to me it is quite like rose gold with a tinge of brown. Bare Study is a beige-y champagne with a golden pearl finish. Absolutely gorgeous all over the lids and inner corners for a bright-eyed look. 

Compared to Bare Study, they look pretty similar in the pots, with V.S a smidgen pinker than B.S. This is quite misleading and people might just decide to only get one. It's a shame because they are completely different colours and have a ginormous difference when swatched. V.S is quite obviously darker and more brown. I would say both works equally well as a lid colour, depending on what look you're going for. Both also have equal lasting powder, staying put for a good 8 hours or so on my lid (with primer) without creasing. 

The only noticeable difference in terms of texture is that Bare Study has more slip than Vintage Selection. V.S seems to be a bit grittier and isn't as slippery as B.S

In powder form, I would say Vintage Selection is almost identical to Sin (Naked Palette) and Bare Study can be interchanged with Mary Lou-Manizer (review: here) from theBalm. 

Have you tried any of the Paint Pots? Which is your favourite? 

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