Catrice Arts Collection | REVIEW + SWATCHES

Monday, June 16, 2014

Catrice has been one of my favourite brands of drugstore makeup for quite some time, but they don't bring in all of their collections here, so you can guess how excited I was when they brought their Arts Collection. There was only the eyeshadow palette and nail polish available, so I picked up the eyeshadows. 

The packaging is beautiful! It's housed in sturdy cardboard with a black ribbon for convenient opening and closing of the flap. 

On the back, there are instructions on how to create a look with this palette, which I find to be helpful for those who are just starting on makeup. 

The shadows inside are shades of green and browns/neutrals, all within the comfortable zone. Nothing too gaudy or in-your-face. I also like the variety of warm and cool shades. It also comes with a highlighter, a peachy-pink blush and an eyeliner! 

They didn't provide any names for the shadows but here are some swatches for you! I probably should have done them column by column but instead, I went in a zig-zag direction (starting with the champagne) which, in retrospect, is a bit silly and confusing. The last two on the right are the blush and the highlighter. 

Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting 

All the shadows were slightly powdery, with the darker shades being slightly more pigmented than the lighter. It took a couple of swipes to get a good colour payoff. The blush and highlighter were better in terms of pigmentation, and both were smooth with little fallout. 

Now as for the eye liner, I didn't even notice it as it looked so much like the tiny shadow brush it came with (which I will never use). In fact, I only realised when I was at the Catrice website reading up on this box! It is a black kohl eye liner with quite large specks of glitter in it. The glitter isn't visible when swatched, though. It is pigmented and very creamy but I found it difficult to control because it is so short. 

This was after a bit of rubbing. It smudged easily but took ages to set. I might not use this since with my hooded eyes, this will turn into a big panda-mess within 5 minutes! 

Overall, I was quite disappointed with the eyeshadows as with Catrice, I expected better colour payoff, even for the lighter shades as I have had no problems with my monos. I most likely will not use the eyeliner so that just leaves the blush and highlighter. I can't complain much, though, because for $14 SGD, it is a pretty good deal. 

Have you tried any Catrice products? What do you think of them?

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  1. Great set i wish there was a yellow, a bronze and maybe a blue or purple as well! The color range looks like a dark rainforest to me! Definitely a great price, I've been resisting so much from buying more eyeshadow singles from them! I personally love their blushes, I own 5!

  2. Love all the colors in the palette, the pink one is prettiest one. Such a great quality for a drugstore make up!

    Intan Thalia

  3. Catrice is one of my favorite drugstore brands too and we don't have this pallet yet.

    Lucky you!xx



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