Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today I want to (re)introduce you to a cult favourite that has been around since the 50s! They are........ (okay you would have guessed it by the title) THE REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS LIPSTICKS! I have 3 shades to show you here, Rosewine, Blushing Mauve and Pink In The Afternoon.

Let's start with the packaging. These lipsticks are encased in simple black and gold, with a transparent top so the colour can be seen. Very vintage and classic, nothing fancy. All 3 apply so smoothly they literally just glide on, and stay put for ages. I only had to touch up about once or twice when wearing it for a full 8 hours (or more).

Pink In The Afternoon is a medium milky pink with neutral undertones. It looks neutral, leaning to warm on the tube but on my lips it's a perfect strawberry milk pink! This is a creme finish.

Blushing Mauve is a light, cool toned mauve with a pearl finish - very very fine violet(?) and silver shimmer that isn't visible on the lips, but just adds a lil' oomph to the colour.

Rosewine is a muted rose red with coral undertones. It looks almost brown in the tube but comes of quite warm and orange-y on my lips. Like Pink In The Afternoon, it has a creme finish.

Top to bottom: Pink In The Afternoon, Blushing Mauve, Rosewine

None of these colours are too rah-rah and are perfect if you just want to sass up your lips with a MLBB shade but not go over the top! These colours are versatile and go well with almost anything, great for if you're in a hurry and don't want to fuss over deciding which lipstick to wear!

Have you tried the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks? What do you think of them?

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  1. i love the Revlon Super Lustrous formula and own several. Pink in the Afternoon is absolutely lovely.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  2. Glad you like them too!! Thanks for stopping by! x



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