Juliet Hewett Rouge Noir Lipstick in Gem Review

Saturday, December 28, 2013

So I was browsing Luxola and stumbled upon this intriguing brand - Julie Hewett. I have ever heard of this brand, much less seen their lipsticks anywhere. There was this whole array of reds for me to choose from and my heart was literally palpitating. However, I didn't want to get another really red lipstick since I already have MAC's Russian Red, but I still wanted something from the same color family, so I chose Gem, which is a sheer red. I was thinking that it would be pretty versatile for layering and everyday wear and such.

The website described Gem as to give the same shade as 'rosy cheeks in the snow' and suits 'light to medium skin tones'. I really liked that the website provided swatches and described the colors. Very helpful!

photo creds - http://www.juliehewett.net/

The packaging is a beautiful gold tube. Not heavy like YSL's. I think it's made of lighter metal so it doesn't feel REALLY expensive, but still pretty! The lipstick in the tube looks really opaque, though, but it is really sheer. It is a neutral red when swatched on my skin and on my lips, looks a TEENSY bit coral. Barely noticeable. It glided on really nicely and on top of lip balm, it gave me lips a really nice, healthy tinge of colour. Without lip balm, it was darker, but still really sheer. The color payoff was not very good, even for a sheer lipstick. I was quite disappointed as I had to keep layering and layering on, with slow color buildup. 

I think it is a bit overpriced at $35 but I still like it and will use it. I haven't actually tested the wear time so I'll update soon. (: I think I want to try Femme Noir and Rouge Noir soon!

On a side note, I would like to thank Luxola for the excellent customer service. I had a little problems with the delivery too, as no one was home to receive the package on the day of delivery. I emailed them and they replied almost immediately, and they were nice enough to take the initiative to reschedule the delivery to the next day for me, but I replied the email too late and they've already sent all the deliveries. Again, they took the initiative to reschedule for me, and finally got it. (: Another thing I liked is that they texted me 'Thank you for shopping with Luxola, your delivery will be delivered in an hour' or '20-30 minutes'.

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