Mini Catrice Haul! + Review

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spotted a new-ish brand called Catrice and did some research. Catrice is one of the brands from the company Cosnova, who also owns Essence! So Catrice is basically Essence's sister brand. (: Quite happy that brands like these are popping up in Singapore, since we don't get like 60% of products from brands like Maybelline and Revlon. Anyway, like Essence, Catrice sells extremely affordable makeup that has not bad quality either! I got three things from them, a blush, a mono eyeshadow and a brow/eyelash gel, all for about $10! That's cheap, considering that makeup in Singapore is craaaaay expensive!

The blush is in the shade Pinkerbell. It's a pretty, blue-toned bright pink. I have been scouring the city for a blue-toned pink blush because all my blushes turn orange on me (my skin is high in alkaline). I was actually out to get Gaiety by Nars because it's the most blue-toned blush I've ever come across so you can imagine my delight when I found a drugstore blush for less than $10! This comes in a sturdy transparent plastic casing, which I like. It doesn't feel light and cheap like some other drugstore brands. Its transparency also allows you to see it's true color without having to open the casing, bonus!

I didn't swatch it on my hands in the drugstore because they didn't have the tester so I took the risk and got it, since it was so cheap. I don't like buying things without reading reviews on it and making a 100% sure I would use it so I was full of anticipation when I brought this home. When I swatched it at home, I was elated because it was perfectly blue-toned!

However, when I wore it today, it started turning slightly orange after about 2 hours. ): I'm speculating that it is partly because I use the same brush as my powder to apply this, and maybe the powder mixed with the blush. Arghhhh. I shall try it next time with a clean/different brush!

It was pretty easy to blend and I had no problems with it being too chalky or applying unevenly. Overall, a really nice, affordable blush which I would repurchase if it doesn't turn orange the next time I try it! (:

Left to Right: 2 swipes, 2 swipes blended

 Now, on to the eyeshadow. Catrice's eyeshadows come in a ton of different shades and I think I stood in the store for a good 15-30 minutes trying to choose! I was going for the Absolute Eye Colour Monos as I didn't want a whole palette. Like the blush, the shadows come in a solid, heavy, transparent case. I was debating between 400 My First Copperware Party, 080 Go, Charlie Brown! and 450 Oh, It's Toffeeful! (don't they have such cute names) In the end, I just got 450 and kind of regret it. Not because the quality is bad, but because it wasn't exactly the color I actually wanted, which was a coppery brown. Nonetheless, it's a pretty, shimmery, champagne-y, almost cool-toned brown and I really like it! I'd probably use it as a base color. 

The texture was nice and smooth. I was really surprised by it, considering that most drugstore shadows can be quite rough to touch. This also applied pretty well and evenly, with average colour payoff. Probably have to pack it on if you want a color that's exactly like the pan.

I heard that the texture of their shadows vary for each individual color and I hope that the next color I get (400) will have decent color payoff!

Their brow gel was a slight disappointment for me. Singapore drugstores don't carry many brow gels. In fact, I haven't seen ANY so far, so I had high expectations for this. Maybe that's why it fell short. It made my eyebrows stay in place, but it also made them itch a little. Maybe I'm allergic to something in the gel? It also made my brow powder disappear! I filled in my brows with the brow powder duo from The Body Shop and after that, applied the gel. The powder immediately disappeared and I had weird patches in my brow. ): Maybe I should try filling them in with a pencil then using the gel to see how it works!

Overall, I have been liking the other two products from Catrice and am really excited to try out more as I've read really good things about their nail polishes, eyeliners and lip products! I would definitely repurchase. (:

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