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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Terribly sorry I haven't blogged in a while, just completely bogged down with work and end of year parties and stuff. Well, today's post... MAKEUP ROUTINE! :D My makeup routine has evolved by leaps and bounds since 2012 when i started wearing foundation and such. I guess I took time to adjust and to see what worked best for me. Anyway, let's jump right in!

1. Moisturiser

I am curently using Garnier's Sakura White Moisturiser, from their Sakura White range. They don't have it anywhere else but Asia, I think. It's not a really WONDERFUL product but it's alright. The moisturiser is light enough to be a day cream, and does lighten my scars a teensy bit. Anyway, I just slather this on my face and wait for a minute or so.

2. Primer

Smashbox's Photofinish Color Correcting Primer was my first primer ever and I still haven't finished using it! I use this below the L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer, which is actually something like Benefit's Porefessional but cheaper. I just pat and smooth these two over my face to even out my redness and fill my pores.

3. Concealer

I always start with concealer even though many have recommended against it but I have so much redness and scarring that it's tempting not to want to just slather on the concealer. Regular foundations like the Revlon Colorstay don't do much for my spots and acne scarring anyway. I use the Revlon Photoready Concealer in the shade Light Medium ( 03 for us Asians ). It's an extremely blendable cream concealer and works wonders for pimples and pigmentation! I just swipe this all over my scars or pimples and use my fingers to blend. I don't use a brush because I find that the warmth of my fingers increases its ability to blend a lot more.

4. Foundation

Foundation has become an essential part of my makeup routine and I hardly ever leave the house without it, or some BB Cream. I use a few foundations but I mainly mix the Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin in Buff and the Makeup Forever HD Foundation in a shade WAAAAY too orange for me (I'm usually 117), so combined, it's lovely. They don't give much coverage by themselves though... I have genuinely quite terrible skin. But on others it should look gorgeous. The two mix really well together. This, paired with the concealer, gives me the full coverage I desire. If I don't want to mix or simply don't have time, I use the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Plus but I'm currently out of that.

5. Eyebrows

I know it's weird that I don't set my foundation first but I use brow powder and I think that the powder sticks better on the 'wet' skin. I use The Body Shop's Brow & Liner Kit in 03 Dark Brown/Black. I apply the black shade with a random angled brush I found long ago on my eyebrows. The black shade isn't black enough for my eyebrows, though, but I haven't found any nice brow powders yet and I'm still trying to master the brow pencil so if you guys have any suggestions please do leave a comment! (: I then comb through with my Catrice Lash & Brow Designer. This is a great steal as it's really cheap and works well!

6. Tightlining

After eyebrows, I tightline my upper lash line with the Maybelline Hypersharp Liner in Black! I don't fancy using pencils to tightline because I find that it takes a fair bit of time to get the color intensity I want, and also because I have oily eyelids and pencils tend to smudge!

7. Mascara

I pile on mascara like nobody's business! I use about 2 to 3 mascaras layered on top of each other and surprisingly, my lashes don't get weighed down. I switch up my mascaras a lot but currently, I'm using Benefit's They're Real! mascara for separating and lengthening, followed by Maybelline's The Falsies mascara. I own a metal eyelash comb and it helps tons! Better than the plastic ones. I comb through my lashes in between the coats so I don't encounter major clumping problems!

8. Lipstick

I usually go with whatever I feel like that day but I'm really into MAC's Giddy at the moment. It's such an underrated and overlooked color! It's basically a darker version of Creme Cup or Angel and in my humble opinion, makes you look more healthy!

Well, basically that's it for my current makeup routine. Not terribly titillating but I hope that if you read it, you enjoyed it! Sorry I couldn't provide all the links to the products, though! I will try to take pictures of my own products when I have the time! Till the next update! Tata!

 Disclaimer: None of the pictures are mine nor do I claim to own them. They were taken from their respective websites and not from anyone else.

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