M.A.C Review! (:

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So I'm gonna do a tiny M.A.C review, and by tiny I  mean only 2 products haha! First is the Peony Petal blush and then Russian Red!

I only just got the PP blush like 2 days ago? And I had a Christmas party coming up and was really excited to wear it. AND I MUST SAY, I LOOOOOOVEEEE THIS BLUSH! Thing about my cheeks is that it has high alkaline(?) levels or something, so blushes (yes, even some blue-toned ones) turn orange on me, and I have been on a purple-toned blush hunt since. Read reviews of PP, swatched it, even the lady at MAC recommended it, so I was sucked in. The swatch on my hand scared me at first, because it looked so bright! But on the face, it's perfect.

Peony Petal is a purple-y, medium pink, not TOO bright but not dull at all either. I'll start off with the packaging. Regular MAC blush packaging, transparent plastic cover, yadddahyaddah.

 Pigmentation is great! I wouldn't say AWESOME, but it was good, because I know some MAC blushes are quite sheer. This is a satin finish but on me it was quite matte. Didn't have a sheen on my hand swatch in the store as well. But it doesn't matter because I'd prefer a matte blush as I have terribly oily skin.

It is quite pigmented and one swipe of my brush can pick up a fair amount of blush. I have to tap off excess before applying. I applied this really carefully because I like to build up slowly. I absolutely hate when I apply too much blush and end up looking like a clown. It isn't chalky, blends perfectly and layers up beautifully on my cheeks.

I applied this at about 10.30pm-11pm, came home at 7.30, AND THIS BABY LASTED AND STAYED TRUE TO IT'S COLOR. That's eight and a half hours of non-stop wear, no fading, no color change, NOTHING. Overall, an amazing blush. A REALLY amazing blush.

Moving on to the lipstick. Russian Red was my first MAC lipstick, and I have no idea why I got a red for my first, but I don't regret it at all! Russian Red is a matte, blue-toned, fairly dark, almost cherry, red on me. It is described as neutral but it's quite blue-toned on me.

The thing I like about this particular lipstick is that, unlike other matte finishes, it's not as drying (compared to say, Ruby Woo) It is extremely opaque and pigmented so even dabbing it on can give full coverage. I applied this with Maybelline's Baby Lips first, then Catrice's lip pencil in And The Cherry On Top!, then the lipstick. It wore well for me, except for slight fading in the corners after fairly heavy eating and drinking. It faded just a teensy bit after about 3-4 hours and I touched up. Overall, nothing but absolute love for this. (:

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