The Pocket-friendly Spring Clothing Haul + A MUST-HAVE SPRING/SUMMER MAKEUP PRODUCT!!!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Whoever said clothing hauls cannot be budget-friendly? To get in the spring mood and also to prepare for summer, I did a little clothing haul! These items are pretty and affordable at the same time so here they are!

I figured Spring would be a time where you would want to be airy and flow-y and pretty but not be baring all at the same time as it can get a little chilly. So, I think the perfect clothing item for this period of time would be the long-sleeved crop top! This is also a great transition clothing! 

I've got two of them, both from Rue21, which is a Forever 21-esque shop in the USA! They currently don't do international shipping, though, but I'm sure Forever 21 sells pretty much the same stuff so you can easily find a similar one there! 

The Pineapple Cropped Raglan Tee, $11.99 is the cutest thing ever! The long sleeves make it Spring appropriate and the pineapple print is so summery! 
Same goes for this daisy cropped tee (don't have the link, sorry!)! 

This is not a long-sleeve but this was too cute to pass up in the store! However, I think you can still dress this Popping Paisley Crop Top, $7.80 with a high waisted skirt and a flow-y cardigan or kimono for Spring! Then pair this with high-waisted shorts for summer, perhaps? (: 

I've got another two cropped tops but these are really airy and floaty! I think these are perfect for the festival season as they go well with either maxi skirts or shorts while making sure you don't sweat yourself dry! The white one is from Tobi and the floral one is just from Cotton On

A staple in everyone's wardrobe would be black shorts, right? I've found the perfect pair from Forever 21! These are just really spring-y (what other word to describe it?? Hahaha ) black shorts made from the lightest material ever so they don't constrict your legs and you're free to bound where ever you want! They also have a really adorable scallop design at the front, which was the main selling point for me! This goes with pretty much everything, even the above mentioned cropped tops! The picture is not really clear because there was so much sunlight streaming into my room, sorry! 

So that's all for clothing! Now, Spring and Summer is a time to celebrate colour! Almost every Spring/Summer makeup tutorial features simple makeup with a 'pop' of colour on the eyes! Here, I have the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, $4.50, one of the most affordable and versatile eye pencils ever! 

These can be used as eyeshadow bases, eyeshadow itself or eye liners for that perfect pop of vibrant colour! They glide on like a dream and stay on all day with no smudging or creasing (on me) In 32 different shades, you can't really go wrong! I have 7 of the most spring-y/summery shades to show you guys! 

Milk is a white colour that is great for using as a base to make the colours you put on top of it pop! It can also be used as a lower waterliner to make the eyes appear bigger and more awake! Pacific is described as a frosty violet, Lavender is a frosty lavender that's eye-catching but soft and subtle at the same time! Yoghurt is a pearly light brown, Peacock is a electric blue-green (my personal FAV), Iced Mocha is a frosty deep bronze and Purple is an iridescent violet. 

I personally love lining my eyes with these over simple brown eyeshadow, or on a bare lid as well as taking it on my lower lashline! I love that these are not in-your-face but add a subtle oomph and sparkle to your spring/summer makeup! 

Bottom to top: Milk, Lavender, Pacific, Purple, Peacock, Yoghurt, Iced Mocha

Do comment and tell me what your Spring cloth and makeup must-haves are! I'd love to hear about them! x

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