Mascara Roundup! [picture heavy!]

Friday, April 11, 2014

Even though I started wearing makeup about six to seven years ago, I have never realised how big a difference mascara makes. Eyeliner and a swipe of nude lipstick did it for me. However, that changed two years ago. Since then, I have collected quite a few and will be doing an overview of them today!

I shall start with my three high end ones first, so kicking off this post is the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara, £20.50. Mine is a sample and thank goodness it is because even though it did give me black, defined and lifted lashes, it smudged quite a fair bit and got on my under eyes and cheeks. I only tried this a few times, though, and it got good reviews on makeup alley so I think I'll give this one another try and see how it goes. Maybe I was applying too much! 

On a lighter note, the Lancôme Hypnôse Star, £22.50 is one of the best mascaras I've tried that gives a MEGATON of volume! Call me crazy but I think this not only thickens the lashes but adds extra 'hairs' as well! I think it's the fibres in it or something but when I put this on, I see extra hairs that look like my lashes! Only when I remove it then my lashes look sparse again. This is really really a great mascara but the only downside is that it flakes a teensy bit after about 5-6 hours of wear. 

The Benefit They're Real!, £19.50 was actually a gift from my best friend because she heard me complaining about how expensive it is! :D I have to thank her for it because I've been enjoying it so far!  The selling point of this product is probably the rubber brush. It has a spiky ball at the tip to get to those pesky inner corners and to oomph up the volume at the outer edge! It de-clumps, separates the lashes well, and is semi-waterproof so I have nothing bad to say about this! 

I don't have many high-end mascaras because I think that drugstore ones do pretty much the same (and dare I say, even a better job, sometimes) at a fraction of the price so you can't really beat that! 

The Maybelline Hypercurl Volum' Express mascara is one of my current favourites for holding a curl! Man, this baby can even curl by itself because it's brush is so curved! Using this, you can skip the eyelash curler and spare your lashes the torture. It gives a relatively good amount of volume but not TONS so.. hm. I'm not sure if this is available in the US/UK because I can't find it on the website! 

One of the best lengthening mascaras out there in my opinion would be the Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara. This lengthens as well as the Lancôme Star volumizes! You can actually see all the little fibres on the brush! However, the fibres are also this mascara's achilles' heel because it flakes quite badly, which is really sad because it gives AMAZING length. 

A new purchase of mine is the L'oreal Voluminous Mascara, £8.49 in Carbon Black. This formula is a weird 'un. It's not really wet and I find that I have to kind of 'drag' it up my lashes. I'm not too sure how to describe it. I got this mainly because of all the hype and it was alright! Not very WOWZA but quite good for a drugstore mascara! This holds a curl quite well and doesn't smudge! 

Holy smokes, this Avon Supershock Mascara, £8.50 separated and de-clumped my lashes like a star (as you can probably guess just looking at the brush)!!! I really really really wanted to like this but it stung my eyes SO bad! I've given this mascara two gos and both tries left me teary-eyed and in pain. I'm interested to know how this works for other people, though, so if you own this, leave a comment! 

The drugstore, waterproof option for the Lancôme Star would be the Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara, £7.99. If you really get this on the base of your lashes, it thickens it up and really makes you look like you've got falsies on! It's waterproof and doesn't flake! On top of that, it isn't a hassle to remove and you can get the job done even with a makeup wipe! Fantastique! 

Yes, I know the brush of this is looking funky but that's because the Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara strives to give you that cat-eye effect! This type of brush is a tad bit difficult to work with because it doesn't have the bristles to separate your lashes. In fact, what this brush achieves is a clumped-together look, which I don't really fancy. What I DO fancy, however, is the packaging! This is a limited edition Hello Kitty version that combines pink metallic and Hello Kitty prints all over! Add a dash of tiger stripes and you get the prettiest, most eye-catching, I-have-to-have-that mascara tube ever!

 I know what you guys are thinking... WHAT A GINORMOUS WAND! Yes, it is, which makes this Essence I  Extreme Volume Mascara such a chore to apply! If you have small eyelids like me, there is NO WAY you can apply this mascara without getting a smidge on your eyelids. What I do is take a business card or something like that and put it against my eyelid while I apply this. It helps loads but the formula is quite wet, so you might still get some on your eyelid after that anyway. However, in terms of its performance, this mascara is crazy good! It volumizes  (not as much as the Lancôme on, though) and lengthens like crazy! It also makes your lashes as black as black can be, doesn't smudge (after it sets) and stays all day! For 4SGD, this is an absolute STEAL. 

Lastly (phew), is the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, £10.99. This didn't do much for my lashes except colour them black and separate them. This gave me neither volume nor length, but I use one coat of this before or after I apply my other mascara to really separate my lashes so they don't look clumped together, or if I'm not in a really I-want-vavavoom-lashes mood OR if I'm going for a no-makeup look and don't want people to go 'Oh she's wearing mascara.' Yep, this mascara is good for all of those things.  (: 

So there you have it, my mini mascara collection and a short overview on all of them! Once again, sorry for the extremely long post! I wanted to include pictures of each mascara wand so you'd have an idea of how they'd perform on your lashes! Hopefully this has been helpful/interesting to read for you! Till next time! x

P.S. Leave a comment and tell me which mascara you have been loving! 

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