Quick Review | Revlon 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Inspired

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I thought I'd kind of skim over my thoughts on this Revlon 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Inspired. Looking at the colours in the pan, I thought, "Holy cow I can do a mermaid look with this!" It contains a yellow-toned white, a rather muted turquoise blue, muted lime green and a purple-ish navy blue. 

Let's talk about the things I like first. I think these colours go well together and are perfect for summer. I also like the fact that the packaging is clear and you can see the colours through. However, it doesn't have a mirror, but that's not a very big concern of mine. This is probably where whatever I like about this eyeshadow quad ends.


The website claims: 

Silky smooth, blendable powder shadow that won’t crease fade or smudge. Wears up to 16 hours. 


I'm glad it didn't claim to be pigmented because this is probably the worst eyeshadow quad I have ever swatched in my life. Maybe I just got a bad one, but it was really chalky. It was like working with chalkboard chalk. Really. 

The white swatched alright. I could see the white colour on my arm, but oh so chalky. 

The turquoise was probably the worst for me. When I swatched it, I only got light blue glitter. Barely any colour at all!!! 

The green was alright. Not pigmented at all and I only managed to get a sheer wash of light green after about 4-5 swipes. 

The navy colour was the best. It was the most pigmented out of the all of them (probably because it is a dark colour) but it doesn't blend well. After I tried to blend out the swipe on my hand, it kind of just left a dark blue streak on my arm and made me look like I had a bruise there. Is that what is going to happen when I put this on my eye? I don't even want to find out because I hate it so much and will probably never use it. 

This was after more than 10 heavy swatches, and no, I'm not exaggerating. It was really more than 10. 

Needless to say, I will not use, much less repurchase this quad again. 

Did I just get a bad 'un or is it really a terrible product? What do you think of this? Tell me in the comments below! (: 

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