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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now it's no secret that I'm a big fan of pink blushes, and needless to say, I can't help myself just buying another one even though I have enough. So having tried many different kinds of pink blushes, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on my top 6 (except one)!

1. Catrice Defining Blush in 070 Pinkerbelle

Isn't its name beyond adorable? It's a neutral-toned fuchsia with a matte finish. Catrice blushes are known for being pigmented but I always somehow end up with a bad or 'malfunctioning' product so for this particular blush, I have to swirl my brush in it quite hard to pick up enough product. It is a pretty colour, easy to blend and stays put for most of the day! 

2. MAC's Peony Petal

 I. LOVE. THIS. BLUSH. It's the perfect purple/cool-toned pink for my skin as blushes turn orange on me (think Benefit's Hervana turning Chacha Tint) by the end of the day. This, although oxidised a LITTLE, did not stray for from it's true-to-pan colour! Blended like a dream and stays on for about 4-6 hours before a little fading. This is a satin finish according to MAC but I barely get any sheen at all! I think this blush looks gorgeous on fairer skins! This is limited edition, though. NARS Gaiety is almost an exact dupe!

I've been eyeing this blush for ages and finally got it at 20% off! This is a soft, milky, neutral baby pink with a satin finish. It lasted through about half an hour of heavy sweating and constant dabbing of tissue (because I was sweating so much) and then 3 more hours after that before I wiped it off. I didn't test it for the maximum hours it wore but damn, this bugger wore well! No fading whatsoever and the colour was just as vibrant as when I first put it on. It is so soft and finely milled, and is highly pigmented, almost as pigmented as their Instain blushes! Psst... You also get a whopping 9.9g of product! theBalm pretty much nailed their cheek products. 

This next one is kiiiiind of a cream blush and gifted to me by my boyfriend's mother, and at first, I thought, WHAT! I would never wear such a colour! It's so orange! But then when I put it on my cheeks, it was pretty alright. This is the only orange blush I have ever owned. I have no idea what shade this is in because it doesn't say so on the back or anything (one thing I hate about beauty products in Asia), but it is a bronze-y coral and makes my skin glow healthily! It didn't oxidise on me as well. The texture of this is really odd. Not like a normal cream blush, but soft and jelly-like! I just want to squish it all around! 

 This was bought, used once, thrown into the drawers and forgotten for a long long time. At that time, blush wasn't really a priority but now, I have rediscovered it and it's amazing! It's very smooth and pigmented. Even the lightest touch can pick up the soft powder. It's buildable, blends okay, but stays on most of the day! It is a peachy pink that is slightly warmer than Down Boy. This didn't oxidise on me yay! 

The last one was bought on impulse and is the only true cream blush I own. This is like Down Boy and the Jelly Glow had a baby. This is very emollient and blends nicely before powder. I tried putting it over powder once and it applied quite patchily. It lasted for 5 hours. 

First row left to right: Catrice, MAC, theBalm
Second row left to right: Maybelline, The Body Shop, NYX

Have you tried any of these blushes? What are some of your favourite blushes? x

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  1. We love our blushes, it's definitely one of those products that can really transformed your look. We've been really into cream blushes lately, and for the price you really can't go past NYX!!
    We're going to have to try the Body Shop blush, we've never tried any of their beauty products before!

    1. Yes! Try their Lip and Cheek Tint too! Thanks for reading! x

  2. Hey hun ive put ur button up would you please do the same thanks xx

  3. Such a good top 6 - the MAC and The Balm ones are calling my name, they are gorgeous!

    1. Try them! theBalm is especially good! Very refreshing from the usual brands!

  4. i haven't tryed the NYX cream blushes but i LOVE their powder ones. such good quality. as for theBALM, i've been wanting Frat Boy for a while now. haven't heard too much about Downboy but it looks lovely!
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Frat Boy is a little more warm toned and orangey compared to Down Boy! x



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