The Great Multi-Tasker | 15 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil + more!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

100% pure coconut oil, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated, natural beauty product ever! It has so many different uses you can substitute this for almost half of your haircare/skin care products and it would work just as well, maybe even better! So far, I've only used it for beauty purposes but have yet to try adding it to my food! I do really enjoy the taste and smell of this, though! Reminds me of beaches and seaside resorts! 


1. Put it in a face mask 

I mix equal parts of this with tumeric powder for my acne on bad skin days and one third of this with two thirds of honey when I need a burst of moisture for my skin! It helps to soothe my skin and best of all, it doesn't feel thick and heavy (no clogged pores yay) like regular oils. 

2. Apply it to dry ends 

I apply a little bit of this to the last quarter length of my hair and use my fingers to scrunch and work it in. This smooths my hair and makes it really soft and silky after I blow dry! Be careful not to put too much, though, because it would be difficult to absorb and might make it a bit greasy. 

3. As a hair mask 

Like the face mask, I mix this with honey or yoghurt and apply it to the ends of my hair after conditioner! I then go ahead and brush my teeth etc before washing it out! You can go ahead and leave it over night, this stuff is pretty easy to wash off! 

4. Body moisturiser (including face)

After a bath, I massage a little bit on my legs and arms (especially after shaving) and it makes them really really smooth! Another thing I do is to mix it with my face scrub and the tight and sore feeling I normally have after I wash my scrub off is no more!

5. Strengthen eyelashes/help brows grow 

Before I sleep, I take the tiniest bit on my finger and coat my lashes and brows with it. I only started doing this a few days ago, however, so it might take some time for the results! I've done a bit of research on this and it isn't proven that coconut oil helps your hair to grow, but many people have seen results so no harm giving it a go yeah? (; This helps to strengthen my eyelashes, though, because they stopped falling out (like they usually do when I remove my makeup) since! 

6. As a makeup remover 

I pour a bit on a cotton pad and this stuff just takes my makeup off so easily! I especially like using this for removing eye makeup as it's much much gentler than a regular makeup remover! 

7. As a body/lip scrub

Mix this with sugar (a natural humectant) and you got yourself a moisturising DIY scrub! Simple as that! Gently massage all over your body/lip till the sugar granules dissolve and rinse off! 

8. Shaving lotion

This oil is great for slathering on before shaving! It just makes the blade glide on so much more smoother (yay) and it moisturises at the same time as well (double yay)! 

9. Cuticle oil 

I haven't had a manicure in ages partly because I don't really bother about my nails much and also to save money. Coconut oil works as a natural cuticle oil because of it's moisturising/healing properties! 

10. Massage oil 

I haven't had someone massage me with this yet but I do it myself on my aching legs and shoulders! As mentioned, this will moisturise your skin like crazy and the scent (Hawaii beaches and coconut trees anyone?) is so relaxing! 

11. Bath oil 

Whenever I decide to really unwind and take a long bath, I just pour this into the tub and swirl it around. If you use hot water, the scent is even stronger and you can practically feel your worries and stress melting away! 

12. Treat dark circles 

I apply this under my eyes overnight and wake up in the morning to not-as-dark-as-they-should-have-been circles! Truly works wonders! 

13. Tame flyaways 

Having your hair up in a sleek ponytail but dem pesky flyaways just WON'T behave? Take a little bit of this on your finger and gently smooth the stubborn hairs down! This won't grease up your hair as much as other oils and is even proven to give you healthier hair when applied to the scalp! 

14. Soothe itching and eczema 

I have slight eczema on my legs and they always act up if rough fabrics rub against them or if it's just too humid. I just use this as a moisturiser, rub a little bit on the affected areas and voila! 

15. As a mild deodorant

I make my own deodorant so if you're interested to know how, leave a comment below and I'll get to it immediately! (: 


1. Cooking oil 

Yes, use it as cooking oil. It's healthy and good for your body whether applied topically or consumed! 

2. Add it to your coffee

A spoonful to your coffee will give you an energy boost! 

3. Substitute for butter 

On toast, popcorn, anything you put butter on, this might be a healthier alternative! The taste will change, though, so try and see if you like it!

4. Consumed by itself - increase metabolism + energy 

Swallow about one or two spoonfuls a day and it's supposed to increase your metabolism rate and energy levels! 

***FUN FACT*** The fat in the coconut oil does not circulate in the bloodstream! In fact, it immediately goes to your liver to be turned to energy! 

Make sure to get the 100% pure virgin cold pressed coconut oil though! Extra virgin if possible! Those are the best as they've been through less processing and therefore retain most of it's health qualities. 

Do you have any other uses for coconut oil? Would you try any of the above uses? Leave a comment! 

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  2. I've used coconut oil for a few things but wow I never knew it did this much! (especially the cooking ones, I'm not the best in the kitchen..) I also love your blog layout by the way - very pretty.
    velvet blusher

    1. There're about a dozen more ways to use it but I figured it would be too lengthy a post hehe. What do you use coconut oil for? (: Btw thanks for reading! x

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  4. Great post! I had never realised before how many different uses there are for coconut oil. Thanks for all these wonderful ideas! :)

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    1. You're welcome and I'm glad you liked the post! x Thanks for reading!



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