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Sunday, August 02, 2015

First off, something you should all know about me. Green tea is my favorite - and the best, in my opinion - scent in the history of scents. It's just so refreshing, rejuvenating and revitalizing. Fresh, flowery but not perfume-y. Wow I sound like I'm advertizing for a spa but honestly! Almost half of my skincare routine consists of green tea products.

Naturally, when I caught wind of the new green tea range from The Body Shop, I immediately knew I had to have it. Smelling it in the shop sealed the deal for me and I came out a very happy girl. I got the body wash and body butter, which is a product I use every night. I slap it on like nobody's business so I guess the purchase was justifiable, right? 

Let me start with the body wash. It comes in a longer bottle than their permanent range of body gels, with a press-cap (??) nozzle, which I really prefer over the flip cap ones. Definitely more sophisticated looking. It contains 250ml of product, same as the others, but costs £2 (about SGD 4.30) more. Their washes are of a gel consistency and don't lather as much as I'd like them to.

I'm going to be completely honest and state that their body washes don't do anything for my skin. And by that I don't mean they dry my skin out or have any adverse effects. They just... don't do anything. I don't feel particularly clean or extra-moisturized. However, I usually use them with my Body Shop Bath Lily in Argon Blue so I always feel properly scrubbed and clean, no matter which body wash I use. 

If you're someone who likes that squeaky clean feeling and doesn't use some sort of sponge, you might wanna give their body washes a miss. The pros about it is that the (amazing) scent stays on for quite some time and it provides great aroma therapy. The sleek bottle with the press-cap is pretty nifty as well! Fits nicely in a travel bag as it's neither bulky nor heavy. 

Their body butters are a savior for the dry skin on my legs. My legs get itchy every time I get out of the shower or after I shave, but everything's fine and dandy after I slather this baby on. I also wear sheer stockings a lot for work and this prevents any discomfort from the stockings constantly rubbing against my skin!

The one thing I dislike about this is the tub and the amount of product I get. It's not too little per se, but 200ml is just not enough. Maybe it's because I use these every day but I always see the bottom peeking through every 2 months. I do wish they came in those monster bottles with an equally big pump (think Vaseline or Cetaphil)! BODY SHOP, DO YOU HEAR MY CRIES?

The body butters are not for someone with severely dry or sensitive skin, though, because it is heavily scented and also not formulated specifically for healing conditions such as eczema. It is just a nice treat, especially after a long day. After a long and trying day, have a good warm shower with their body wash, smooth this on and you'll find yourself so much more relaxed and calm!

Ultimately, I think The Body Shop products are nothing too spectacular to write home about, but their scents are so out of this world it's difficult not to be tempted to grab every single product from every line! The green tea range is definitely my favorite out of all the other scents I've tried (which is almost all of their permanent range) and MOST DEFINITELY worth a sniff next time you pass by The Body Shop! (;

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