I'm Back! Updates + Songs To Get You Through The Day

Thursday, July 02, 2015

A big hellooooooooo to everybody! I'm back after a what, year-long (well almost) hiatus! So many things happened since then, I don't even know where to begin! Let me start off by saying how good it feels to be blogging again. 

I had to take a break because I was starting my internship and since I am studying hotel management, of course my internship would be at a hotel and I'm pretty sure everybody knows hotel staff have CRAZY schedules. Shifts change every week and I'm working 9.5 hours a day. That coupled with a total of 2 hours of commute and having to balance my social life and family, I barely have time to sleep! My internship hasn't ended yet, but I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (14 August)! 

So much has happened since I started, namely the passing of my very beloved dog, Echo. She's been sick for a year and a half or so, and there was a time where she almost died, but managed to pull through and seemed fine. But because she suffers from chronic liver disease, she had a relapse last month and the vet found her all her organs slowly failing, one by one. We all knew it was only a matter of time when it would reach her heart, and when it did, the hospital did their best to resuscitate her but to no avail. ): What they say is true - the worst part about losing someone is not the fact that they're gone, but the memories. I remember when she'd come to me to snuggle, or fall asleep on my lap. I lost one of my very best friends. BUT her ashes are now cremated in our garden in a lovely shady spot. 

Next, internship. There were so many ups and downs, so many bad experiences and good and I met so many different kinds of people. Considering that the hotel I'm posted to is a five-star luxury business hotel, generally we'd get business men and women a lot more than leisure travelers. Business guests are very rush-y touch-and-go people who don't like to faff or wait around and can be very difficult to deal with. I have encountered foreigners as well who are just... difficult people. There was a group of them who even yelled at me in the hotel lobby, but that is a story for another time. (; 

Beauty-wise, I have since discovered so many new products and brands and I have so many things to share. I can't wait! Because my job requires me to wear makeup (and a lot of it) but still stick within a specific look (eyeliner, very rosy cheeks, red lipstick), it presented a challenge to me to experiment with looks that vary in different aspects but still keep within the same theme. Of course there were times when I woke up and really dreaded doing my makeup because I was so tired and honestly couldn't give two hoots about how I looked, but I had to and I did, but it has never made me lose interest in makeup and beauty.

There were definitely some (very) rough patches that I've pulled through these few months with the help of a few uplifting songs and I thought I'd share them with you all! 

1. Roads - Chris Mann

This is by far one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It will make you cry, but will also fill you with strength and hope; that one day, soon or in time to come, everything will be okay. 

2. Whistle (While You Work It) - Katy Tiz

This one is definitely more upbeat and 'happy' sounding that the first. So much sass and attitude she exudes! The message of this song is great as well. 'Got haters or people who just want to watch you burn? It's okay, just take it all in stride because you're strong, independent and most important of all, mature. '

3. After The Storm Blows Through - Maddie & Tae 

The importance of having a strong, deep and healthy friendship and having someone to just be there for you is conveyed beautifully through this country ballad. I love this song because it's applicable not only to friends, but family as well, and their gorgeous harmony is the cherry on top. 

4. The Sun Is Rising - Britt Nicole 

I first heard this song on the film The Other Woman and the scene it was played in was so beautiful! I think the most important message I took from this song is that no matter what you're facing, 'even if you can't imagine how you're ever going to find your way out,' 'the night can only last for so long.'

I hope you give these a listen and that they brightened your day just a bit. See you in my next blog post! (;

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