Colourpop Review and Swatches | Kathleenlights Quad, Blush, Lippie Stix

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pretty sure everyone knows about the brand Colourpop now, since it has been making its rounds with many of the US and Australian youtubers. In a nutshell, they're a new up and coming brand that sells good quality makeup on the cheap with a vast array of color options and finishes.

One of the youtubers I watch, Kathleenlights, has recently collaborated with them to come out with an eyeshadow quad, which, after seeing the colors, I decided I had to have. I also added a blush and Lippie Stix (their pencil lipsticks) because why not, right? I'm still pretty miffed that I couldn't get more shades and variety because I had to ship it to my friend in Australia, then have her ship it to me and it was such a hassle. ):

Lippie Stix - Frenchie (neutral bright red with pink undertones, matte finish) 

Super Shock Shadow - Kathleenlights (bright, golden copper, pearlized finish)
Super Shock Shadow - Glow (creamy vanilla with slight pink undertones, matte finish)
Super Shock Shadow - Blaze (dark burnt bronze with yellow-gold glitter flecks, metallic finish)
Super Shock Shadow - Cornelious (warm caramel with slight orange undertones, matte finish)

Super Shock Cheek - Cheerio (medium berry, satin finish)

In my opinion, what makes Colourpop stand out is the formulation of their products, namely the eyshadows and blushes. They aren't exactly your typical powders, and are instead of a bouncy, fluffy texture. The closest comparison I can think of are the Clinique Cheek Pops or the Maybelline Bouncy cheek blushes, except that Colourpop is softer and more mousse-y.

There isn't any fallout and they have great pigmentation, lasting the entire day on my oily, hooded eyelids without a primer. This would sound fantastic, right? However, the catch (there always is) is that you can only apply them with your fingers to get that high pigmentation and color. Brushes don't pick up the product well so the only use for a brush would be to blend harsh edges out.

May not seem like a big thing but for poor me with Asian eyes, without a prominent socket, brushes are our best friend. Caucasian eyes would do well with these as you have a larger movable eyelid space. You could wear these colors in a mere 30 seconds by just tapping them on with your fingertips to your eyelid and you're good to go!

Left to right: Glow, Cornelious, Kathleenlights, Blaze, Cheerio, Frenchie

All these apply like a dream, with Kathleenlights and Blaze being harder and less mousse-y than Glow and Cornelious. I'm attributing this to the finish but it doesn't affect the application at all! 
Glow is a little too light for my liking, almost coming off a stark white on my skintone, so medium and dark skintones should probably watch out for that! Cornelious comes off quite orange on my eyes, slightly more so than the swatch on my hand. It is pretty similar to Caramel from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette [read my review here]. These two shades are pretty standard and common so that's something to consider if you're thinking about buying this quad. 

Blaze and Kathleenlights, however, are really different and unique, and are also the reason I bought this quad. I just can't leave the poor babies in the store like that, since it's summer all year round in Singapore! *grins sheepishly* 

As for the blush, Cheerio, boy is this color gorgeous! This gives me that 'just been out in the cold and the wind was stinging my cheeks' look. And I know I say this about almost all my berry blushes but THIS blush is different, I swear. With nothing on the eyes except a good lashing of mascara and a tinted lip balm, this blush is perfection. 

Frenchie is the first (but not the last, I assure you) Lippie Stix I've tried from them and can we just talk about the color for a moment? When I saw this on the website, it was love at first sight. It is a bright pinky red and of a matte finish, this applies with full-on in-your-face color with the first swipe. I didn't even need a lip pencil because it's so skinny! This can be a little bit drying, and I'd compare this to MAC's regular matte finish. 

That's pretty much it. Even though these few products are my first purchase from Colourpop, it has left me hungry to try more! Next on my list are definitely the highlighters and bronzers!

Indoor lighting

In sunlight

Have you tried Colourpop? What are your favorites? I'd love to try some of them!

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