Crystals Are A Girl's Best Friend

Thursday, July 10, 2014

So Collection is a brand unheard of here where I live till recently. Saw the stand, squealed like a five year-old and picked up two of their glitter eyeliners without batting an eyelash. Glitter eyeliner is something I've only tried in pencil form, so liquid/gel ones are a whole new experience for me! 

Anyway, these are the Glam Crystals, which are gorgeous shimmery eyeliners that boast a wide variety of colours to suit any occasion! Here, I have the shades Funk and Le Freak. 

Funk is a yellow-gold with silver? (I can't tell) glitter. I would expect lots of use from this during the holiday season! I was thinking of lining this above a black cat eye, paired with a red lip. Ooooohhhh... *cue Fergie's Glamorous* 

Le Freak is a bright turquoise that look great on its own on the upper lash line with black mascara, or maybe on the lower lash line for that popular 'pop-of-colour' look that would look great for pool parties and such. 

These glide on smoothly and didn't sting my eyes, which is a problem I get when I apply eye products with glitter in them too close to my lash line! All in all, a great and inexpensive product! I would say that these would be a good alternative for the Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liners! I'll definitely be looking to try more colours. I'm particularly interested in Dancing Queen! 

Have you tried any of the Glam Crystals? What do you think about glitter eyeliners in general? (:

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  1. I am so so bad with liquid eyeliner so there's no chance I'll ever buy these but I love the looks that you've described. If you've never tried Collection before you should also try and get their Lasting Perfection Concealer! It's a blogger favourite!

    Jaq @

  2. These are pretty fool-proof as you don't need a clean line for it to look pretty! You could use them as a sparkle 'top coat' and dab them on your eyelids as well!

    I've always wanted to try the concealer but I can't seem to find the right shade for me! ):



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