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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Almost everyone swears by, or at least heard of the Zoeva brushes, but not everyone knows they do actual makeup products as well! I saw their Luxe Color Blushes online and was surprised to see such a wide range of shades! I bought He Loves Me, Maybe... because I don't think I have any similar shades in my current collection 
Straight off the bat, I can tell that the simple black packaging is made of fairly good material because it is quite heavy and solid. It is a matte, but not rubbery texture, and has a swirly pattern embossed on the top.  The bottom shows the name of the shade clearly, which I really really like. 
He Loves Me, Maybe... is a bright neutral-toned coral with the faintest faintest bit of shimmer that doesn't show up when applied on the cheeks. The texture is smooth but slightly chalky, although there is no fallout or any of those pesky bits that fly everywhere when you swirl your brush in. 
A little goes a long way with this product because it is so pigmented! Not as pigmented as theBalm's blushes, but still opaque and a dream to blend. It doesn't apply patchy and spreads easily so it is super easy to get an even wash of colour on your cheeks. I love it because it makes me look like I've just come back from a jog (in a good way)!

I am very pleased with this blush and will definitely repurchase, maybe in other shades! Do check out their makeup products if you haven't already! I know they also do eye pencils and such.

P.S. I know I haven't posted in EONS but I have had many photo shoots going on recently and they usually last from morning to evening. So sorry ): School's starting soon but I will continue to try and post as much as possible! Thank you for reading and for following Celine Avenue if you are, I appreciate every single one of you who visit! x   

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  2. Gorgeous swatch, i've only heard of their brushes to date, but this is blog rave worthy as well!


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