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Monday, September 08, 2014

Hey ho, all you chocolate lovers! A bit late since almost every blogger has already reviewed this but today I'll be discussing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! If you haven't already heard (which I'm pretty sure you have), the Chocolate Bar palette is one of Too Faced newer products - a 'neutral' palette of 16 eyeshadows that... wait for it.... SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. Well, I mean I'd expect so, since it claims to be made from cocoa powder.

The shadows are housed in a tin box in the shape of a naked chocolate bar. They've recently repackaged it and made the tin slimmer. It used to be a tad bulky, sort of like those tin pencil cases kids carry to school. Personally, I'd have preferred if the design of the tin was the same as the cardboard box it came in (shown above), but props to them for creativity! The brown 'chocolate bar' certainly stands out from the typical eyeshadow palette packaging. It opens and shuts nicely as well, might I add! 

It comes with a decent sized mirror and a little insert on top of the shadows, showing the names and at the same time protecting the mirror from getting all grubby!

There are about 6 matte shades and the rest all have shimmer in them. The shimmer isn't obnoxious, with no shades being obviously more glittery than the others. There are two shadows that are about twice the size of the smaller ones, White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle. The shades are mostly in the brown family, but what I like most about it is that it includes shades like a deep plummy brown, a shimmery purple and a cotton candy pink! I think the addition of these 'extra' shades make the palette a whole lot more versatile, giving you the capability to add a little sum'in sum'in to your eye looks!

Gilded Ganache (Shimmer): This is one shade I can't quite make out. It is a dark brown with cool undertones and a golden shimmer, but at some angles and under some lights, it appears to have a tinge of a mossy green. 

Salted Caramel (Matte): Warm, muted peachy-orange

Hazelnut (Shimmer): A medium bronze 

White Chocolate (Matte): Warm pale beige

Marzipan (Shimmer): A frosty peachy-pink (similar to Urban Decay's Sin)

Crème Brulee (Shimmer): Warm, dark muted gold

Semi-Sweet (Matte): Deep cool-toned brown with red undertones

Haute Chocolate (Shimmer): Dark bronze-y chocolate brown with slight red undertones
Milk Chocolate (Matte): A neutral-warm light brown

Strawberry Bon Bon (Matte): A cool-toned light cotton candy pink

Cherry Cordial (Shimmer): A deep red-brown with a tinge of cranberry

Black Forest Truffle (Shimmer): Dark almost-burgundy brown

Candied Violet (Shimmer): A grey-violet with cool undertones

Champagne Truffle (Shimmer): Pale pink champagne

Triple Fudge (Matte): Dark smokey neutral brown

Amaretto (Shimmer): Medium red-brown

The great thing about this palette is that it can suit all seasons and occasions, whether it is a bright, summery look with a pop of colour, a night time smokey eye, a Christmas party, you name it, there is a shade to suit it.  

Salted Caramel is a great alternative crease shade to the typical light brown (think Naked from UD'S Naked Palette) that almost every single neutral palette includes. Cherry Cordial, Crème Brulee and Black Forest Truffle will definitely be put to good use during this fall season. Strawberry Bon Bon and Marzipan are great all-over lid colours and Candied Violet would be gorgeous on the lower lash line! 

The unconventional shades were a pleasant surprise and I think Too Faced really nailed it with the colour selection.

The eye shadows had good color payoff and despite the poor swatches below, a little swirl with the brush just might be a bit too much if you're going for a simple, neutral eye. That's how pigmented the shades are! They don't transfer well with fingers (what I used to swatch) and I was disappointed with the pigmentation at first. Then I made the mistake of practically stabbing my Zoeva crease brush into Salted Caramel and ended up putting way too much on my eyes!

Left to right: Gilded Ganache, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Marzipan, Crème Brulee, Semi-Sweet, Haute Chocolate 
Left to right: Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Bon Bon, Cherry Cordial, Black Forest Truffle, Candied Violet, Triple Fudge, Amaretto, Champagne Truffle 
I did not experience any fallout or patchiness whatsoever. The only two shades that disappointed me (only slightly) were White Chocolate and Candied Violette. They were not as pigmented as the others. White Chocolate doesn't work on my skin tone because it was the same shade as my skin! If it were just a tad bit lighter/whiter, it would've been perfect and Candied Violet was more smokey-grey and not as purple as I'd have liked. 

These stayed on my eyes from early mornings to late nights, and did not smudge or crease (with primer). They layer and build-up great, melting (aha!) beautifully into each other and I find myself favouring this over my Naked Palette [my review]! 

Confession: I think this made me put off getting Naked 2 and instead, I'm going to check out more Too Faced shadows! I'm pleasantly surprised and very impressed with this palette. What's more, opening a palette to the scent of warm chocolate is always a plus, yes?

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  1. The shades are so pretty.
    Why do I not have this yet?!

  2. I also wish the packaging would've been like the box packaging. It's so pretty.

  3. It's definitely worth the money! x

  4. Yes!! But I think they were going for the 'opening the wrapper of a bar of chocolate' concept haha! x

  5. This palette is awesome and Too Faced makes my favourite eyeshadows! I love UD but sometimes I'm not so in love with their palettes, in fact the Naked 2 is my least favourite of them.
    Loved your detailed review! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  6. I agree with you! Thank you for reading! x

  7. The colours are so soft! You should definitely do a comparison post on this and the Makeup Revolution chocolate palette,love to read your opinion on it.

  8. They don't sell Makeup Revolution in my country, unfortunately. ): I'd love to get my hands on it, though! x



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