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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Almost the whole beauty guru community has been obsessed with this bad boy for a period of time, but as someone living on a tiny island in Asia, there was no chance of ever getting to try Anastasia products. However, my mum had to travel to NYC and... well you know the rest. [check out the other stuff I got here!]

I got the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in the shade Medium Brown, which, in retrospect, was a mistake as I found this shade to be a little too light for my almost-black hair. The formula is of a gel-y mousse-like texture and is very soft and blendable. One tap of the brush into the product gives quite a pigmented line on my arm.

Using it on my brows, I find that I have to build up the product quite a bit as it doesn't seem to go on as pigmented, or maybe it is because the colour is too light. Also, I have to take quite an effort to blend this in or it will look like I have drawn in my brows with a marker! Using a spoolie with this is a must for me, or the product can look clumpy in the hairs of my brow. 

However, if done correctly and properly, with a little bit of time and patience, this gives my brow a very natural look while adding volume and definition at the same time! What's more, this stuff stays on all day through sweat, rain and powdering. It doesn't fade one bit and at the end of the day, my brows pretty much look the same as they did in the morning when I did them (i.e. that mark in the picture above did not come off for almost two days even with gentle rubbing).

The packaging, of course, is minimalistic and luxurious. The material the little pot is made from feels sturdy and travel-friendly. The only gripe, though, is that if you let it tag along with you, you have to bring a brow brush as well.

Although this product needs some time to work with and getting used to, I will definitely repurchase in a different color.

Have you tried the DipBrow Pomade? What are your thoughts? 
What is your favourite Anastasia product? 

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  1. This looks so interesting, I keep meaning to check it out as I guess if would be good for a sparse area in my brow that doesn't really like to be filled in ;) xx

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  2. I've been after this for SO long now! I think the shade I need is medium brown, they do a good colour guide for it on their website though. Fab review, looking forward to trying this myself.

    Catherine xx

  3. Check it out! I think you'll love it! x

  4. I hope you do! Although it needs a bit of working with and adjusting to your own style or whatever, it's a really great product! x

  5. I really like the ABH Dip Brow, however I do find it takes a little longer to use than an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Well worth it though for the crisp looking eyebrows that stay all day x

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