Worth The Hype? | Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Plenty of hype has been going around about the Marc Jacobs makeup line ever since it came out last year (or the year before, I can't remember). Youtubers and bloggers alike were talking about it and people were stampeding (ok not literally) to the stores to grab their products. One of the most talked about is their Supercharged Genius Gel Foundation. 

I decided to check out the hype and got a sample of it in Bisque Light. As you can tell from the pictures below, it doesn't match with my hands but it does with my face, although Ivory Medium would probably have suited me more.

It is essentially a (of course) gel-type foundation, comes in 16 shades and claims to: 

Be an anti-aging, long-wearing, weightless, natural veil that doesn't settle into fine lines. It is formulated with lifestyle ingredients (what does that even mean) and Buoyancy Gel™ technology. It also contains Soft Focus Powder to reflect light and minimise imperfections, while revitalizing multi-vitamins provide supreme hydration for even application and luxurious wear. The versatile formula also builds easily from natural to full coverage, providing supreme hydration. 

Now, that's hella' lot of claims! But first, let's talk packaging. The foundaiton is housed in a luxurious frosted glass bottle with a black plastic cap. Very chic and high-end looking. The glass seems sturdy but heavy enough to break if dropped from a certain height. It comes with a pump, though! It doesn't seem light enough to conveniently carry around, so something to keep in mind. (: 

Now the texture itself IS like a gel/serum and spreads really easily across the face. It blends well offers light-medium to medium coverage with the first layer. However, upon applying the second layer, it started to cake up and the second layer didn't really 'melt' in with the first. It became so obvious I was wearing foundation and looked like a mask. Therefore, this fails to live up to its claims of being 'easily buildable'. It did offer full coverage, but not in the Revlon Colorstay kind of way... More of in a 'sheet-mask' way. 

On the bright side, it did make my skin look youthful and.. I don't know, 'boing'-y looking (hah, my mad vocabulary skills). It didn't settle into fine lines and did blur my imperfections quite a bit! It isn't a matte finish but dewy/satin and didn't cling on to my dry patches, so I'd have to agree with the 'hydration' and 'minimising imperfections' parts. 

I had to set this with a powder and of course, that pushed the cakey-ness to near maximum. Although the texture is light, the second layer kind of made it uncomfortable for me to wear for long hours. I would think this is a foundation for big events that will last only a couple of hours (2 layers) or if you're going to be out for a bit and don't need that much coverage (1 layer). 

I tried layering this on and below other foundations and it didn't work for me. Heh, just a little nugget of information. (:

Overall, I don't think this is worth the hype and would not spend this much on something I can dupe with from the drugstore. If we're talking about gel/serum foundations personally prefer the two Bourjois Healthy Mixes over this.  

Have you tried any Marc Jacobs products? Let me know in the comments what you think about them!

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  1. I try not to give in to the hype of expensive foundation so much because I'm certain that there are drugstore makeup that perform better. I'm glad you did this review! I hate cakey foundations ;:P


    1. I think the same! Thank you for reading, love! x



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