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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Sugar is known to be a natural humectant (substance that helps to retain moisture moisture) and so of course someone was going to create a bodycare product with it. One of it is the lip scrub, a scrub containing granules (usually sugar) to help exfoliate dem puckers, making them nice, soft and kissable. The two most hyped-up ones are probably Lush and Fresh. I haven't tried the Lush ones as I didn't care for the scents, but fresh (hah) scent of the latter appealed to me and I had to try it. 

I've owned mine for about a year or two (hopefully it hasn't gone bad!) and still have yet to make a significant dent in it. I don't use this everyday, only when I remember or when there's a special occasion coming up! However, I forgot about it for a bit and it has been sitting on the shelf in my bathroom ever since. I recently pulled it out and have been loving it as part of my daily routine!

According to the Sephora website: this product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOS and triclosan

I don't know what half of those are but they sound really harmful, so basically, this scrub is as natural a store-bought lip scrub gets. 

Some of it's main ingredients are brown sugar, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil.

This tiny tub contains 17g (0.6oz) and costs about 30SGD (£14). I really like the packaging of this. The container is solid and heavy, and it looks so pretty sitting in my bathroom. The lid is a little hard to get back on, though, if you screw it back at the wrong angle. 

The product inside, although not worth the pricetag in my opinion, is lovely. The sugar crystals are small and everything is just blended so smoothly together, which makes the exfoliation a breeze. It isn't chunky or crumbly, so it doesn't get all over the place. When it's on your fingers, it's on your fingers and when you put it on your lips, it stays on your lips! Very hassle-free. It smells really sugary (but not the sickening kind) and just...fresh! 

This buffs away my dry flakes immediately and makes my lips bouncy and really smooth. I don't use a washcloth to wipe this off, I just rinse it with a bit of water. It leaves a buttery sensation on my lips after, which is probably due to the oils this was formulated with. 

All in all, a fantastic lip scrub and to answer the question, YES defo worth the hype and you should go get it! Might even replace your Lush one! (; 

This is available on the Sephora website and the Fresh website

P.S. This looks NOTHING like the picture on the Fresh website! No large sugar granules to be seen, as you can see from my pictures! (: 

I'm interested to try more Fresh products, so...have YOU tried any Fresh products? Which is your favourite/recommendation? (:

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  2. hmmm i'm not sure i'm willing to pay the price for this amount either considering how DIY-able this is. but i like that it does work!
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