EMPTIES #1!! ... Repurchase or no?

Monday, March 24, 2014

So there have been too many empty bottles and containers lying around the house for too long, leading to... my first empties! So I've got quite a few hair products..

First up is the L'oreal Evercreme Conditioner and Evercreme Masque! I got these because of the smell, actually. Essiebutton was talking about them in one of her empties and she mentioned that they smelled like "sweet nuts", which was both hilarious and true! There is no other way to describe the scent of this range. It's not exactly vanilla scented, nor is it completely nutty like the Macadamia range, just right smack in between. Bring it too close to your nose and you catch a whiff of that chemical-y smell, though. The texture of these are quite thick and viscous, as expected. These two weren't fantastic, holy-grail products, but I would repurchase because I think they did pretty alright in conditioning my hair and such. Also, they both left my hair smelling like "sweet nuts" in whole of the following day! :D

I also finished up the Marc Anthony bye.bye. FRIZZ Keratin Smoothing Shampoos. These are sulphate-free (most of his haircare line is) and lathered up nicely. I didn't fancy the smell, though. Too chemical-y, haha. I like floral/fruity scents in haircare. (: Honestly, the shampoo didn't do nuts (haha see what I did thurr) for my hair. After showering -although the frizz was slightly more tamed- my hair still looked the same. It didn't leave any scent on my hair as well. It is fairly clarifying, though. It didn't leave any residue on my hair, so I MIGHT repurchase if I don't find a better clarifying shampoo. (:

This St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Gel Cleanser was............................ THE BOMB DOT COM. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I literally get excited at the prospect of cleansing my face with this every morning when I wake up! This smells AMAZING, so refreshing. Sweet green tea. It leaves a slightly tingly sensation on my skin the whole process (applying and washing off) but not in the oh-no-my-skin-is-tight-better-slap-on-a-rocketload-of-moisturizer-after-this way. It really made me feel like i was part of those Neutrogena face cleanser commercials. It claims to calm redness and reduce blemishes. It DID calm redness in the long run, but I'm not too sure about blemishes as I use spot treatments as well. This is a DEFINITE repurchase. St. Ives has done it again.

The Pantene Night Miracle Leave On Créme Serum has been my go-to leave-in conditioner for the past 2 years I think. This baby has never failed me. I even put this on my dry ends before I go out in the day or anything, and it nourishes and smooths my hair almost instantaneously, no kidding. Smells great, too! REPURCHASE.

Next up is the Garnier Sakura White moisturizer. Great daily moisturiser and sinks right into the skin! It claims to whiten skin and it definitely lightened my hyperpigmentation! Not drastically, but the results are visible. I regret buying my Nivea Soft Creme because this was great.. It stung a little the first few times I applied it, though, but it stopped soon! I'm not sure if this is sold outside of Asia... Hm.

Ahh, Simple... Best skincare line for sensitive skin ever! I have gone through 2 bottles of the Simple Soothing Toner already and want more! This gently cleanses any makeup residue after washing my face and helps balance the oil production as well! Makes me feel so refreshed when I slap this on in the mornings! RE to the PURCHASE!!

Green primer is an essential in my makeup routine because I suffer from moderate acne and have a ton of spots that previous pimples left. I haven't really seen other green primers in the market except for Smashbox Photofinish Color Correcting Adjust Foundation Primer and MUFE's. I have always wanted to try MUFE but the reviews online weren't too great. I don't get why, though, because when I covered the back of my hand with MUFE's in Sephora, it really tinged it green! Smashbox's just disappears completely. But I'm sure there's a reason why Smashbox got better reviews and since I'm tight on cash, I'm choosing to stay safe. :P I haven't really tried many primers yet so I can't say how this compares to others in terms of making my makeup last, but I think it does okay. I just recently repurchased and I suppose I'll be stuck with this one till I manage to find another!

Lastly, two powders, MAC's Prep+Prime Translucent Powder and Maybelline's Dream Matte Pressed Powder! I reviewed the Dream Matte in the previous post so do take a look! Prep+Prime did reasonably well in terms of controlling shine, but I went through it SO FAST! I actually have two empty pots of this. This loose powder comes with a sifter so that was helpful but still messy. That's all there is to say, really. I mean, it's a translucent loose powder! Haha! Would not repurchase, but it's purely because I prefer pressed powders to loose. (:

Hope that was helpful in some way!


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