My Little Candle Collection!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've started collecting candles since about two to three years ago, and now have quite the number! Of course not all of them are intact, though. Do you get frustrated when you burn your candle down to the last inch and it refuses to burn anymore but there's still a ton of wax left?? Well, I heated up the remaining wax and poured them into little decorative cups! That way, I can still get the scent with a candle warmer! Yankee Candle used to sell them for a while during Christmas, but I'm not sure if they still have them. Anyway here are some of those that are still 'fully intact', hehe.

On the extreme left, are the DRÖMLIK Scented Candles In Pot, £3.25. I got these from IKEA and they come in a packet of three! The DRÖMLIK candles are rose scented and come in the most adorable little cups ever!I haven't got around to burning them because they're just too cute. I still pick them up for the occasional sniff, though (undeniably weird, I know).

From IKEA as well is the FLÄRDFULL Scented Candle In Glass, £2.50. It has a pretty ordinary, run of the mill peach scent, but delicious nonetheless.

Ah, here comes one my favourite, Yankee Candles' Black Cherry, £19.99. 'The absolutely delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries', this is Christmas, warm cherries and joy mixed into a jar of magic. One of the most comforting scents I've smelled, it isn't too sweet or sickly and in my opinion, balances fresh and sweet perfectly. Give this one a sniff if you're ever in Yankee Candles! You won't regret it! 

Next is another favourite of mine, Yankee Candle's Honey Blossom, £9.95. Described by Yankee as a 'beautiful blend of flower nectar, honey musk, freesia and woods that makes this both full and delicate', I think it's the perfect scent if you're looking for something that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and florally. 

Last but not least is Yankee Candle's Cozy Sweater, $10.99 USD. They don't have this scent in the UK yet, if I'm not mistaken. I couldn't find it on their website. I got this in Singapore. (: Smelling this, I had a hard time trying to describe it. Looking at the website, I had an 'AH' moment. It says, 
'This fragrance's warm touches of musk and patchouli will have you kicking back and relaxing in no time at all. You'll find a nice floralcy to the scent, accompanied by a warm base . . . almost amber-like. The neutral color of the wax was inspired by the darker wool fibers in a fisherman's sweater.'

Some of my other most loved scents (which I can't get my hands on because they're always sold out) are A Child's Wish, £9.95Sweet Garden Pea. £9.95 and Turquoise Sky, £9.95 (my all-time favourite). 

I know most of my collection consists of candles from Yankee Candle, but Bath and Body Works haven't been available in Singapore till a few months ago, so I have yet to give them a visit! I've heard great things about their candles so I'm terribly excited! x

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