Rimmel Stay Matte v Maybelline Dream Matte!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

After using both of the products for almost six months to a year, I have decided to do a review comparing the two! But just a disclaimer that this is just my opinion and you're not obliged to follow my recommendations. (: So let's get started!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I got this when I heard all the hype going on and since they don't sell Rimmel here in Singapore, I got my friend to get it for me from Australia. Looking at the website, I thought my shade was Silky Beige but when it came it was too pink for my skin tone. I now realise that I should've gotten it in Sandstorm instead, darn... But anywho...

The Rimmel Stay Matte powder has a lovely consistency. Smooth, buttery and neither chalky nor has much fallout when I swirl my brush in it. It applies and blends well. I use my Ecotools face brush with it (I'm not sure what the exact name of it is) and it gave my skin a lovely soft focus look. It usually keeps my face matte the entire day and I don't have to powder at all, except my nose if it's an extra long day.

The only con about this is that if I apply too much at one go or reapply too often, it will start to cake up on my cheeks and sink into my laugh lines. But this is easily avoidable so no biggie! (:

The packaging is alright, but the cheap plastic cover is prone to cracking. My previous one cracked and I wasn't able to keep the lid closed. I really do wish I'd gotten it in another color, though. Silky Beige is way too pink on me and can sometimes make me look orange. ):

I own this in Transparent too but I only use this for my forehead, nose and chin because I prefer more coverage on my cheeks, where there is more hyperpigmentation and scarring.

This gets a little rough and chalky after a while of use. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

I chanced upon this gem when shopping at the drugstore. I've never seen the Dream Matte line in Singapore before and I obviously made a beeline for it when I saw it. I skipped the mousse foundation as I've always been wary of mousse/whipped foundations. And then I came to the powder and oh my... When I swirled my finger in it to swatch it and test the consistency... IT WAS LIKE TOUCHING CLOUDS OR ANGEL'S POOP OR SOMETHING. So smooth and gorgeous! SO I obviously had to get it. I'm in the shade Medium Beige. Their beige isn't so pink like the Rimmel one so kudos to them for that!

The consistency, as I've mentioned, is an absolute dream (pun intended har har). Smooth as silk and no fallout. It doesn't give me the soft focus look like Rimmel does, though, but still as lovely all the same. This doesn't keep my face matte for as long as the Rimmel one either, but the color suits me more and I found myself reaching for this more often. Maybe it is because of the color. I use a lot of really purple-based blush because of how most blushes react to my skin and I want the rest of my face to be as neutral as possible. The Rimmel one makes my face too pink, but I use it when I'm not wearing blush!

I love the packaging on this! It has a 'pull-out' compact mirror on the bottom of this with a sponge. The sponge is soft and nice to use when on the go, but I don't really fancy the idea of it sitting on top of the mirror as it stains and dirties it. Both the cover of the powder and the compartment below closes securely with a click, and I love that.

In conclusion, I'd say I prefer the Dream Matte (controversial, I know!) but mainly because the color suits me more and the packaging is more sturdy and compact, great to just throw in your makeup bag. The Rimmel one DOES keep me matte longer and better than the DM, however, so if you don't mind the rather poop packaging, I'd sa . I might gift my Rimmel one to someone else so I can get it in Sandstorm!

If there are great matte powders that you could recommend please leave a comment! x

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